To view the 2016 MCBL team roster, please click on the logo shown below to go to the teams page.

1.  Eriq Colon, Hudson Cliff Hawks                                              5
2.  Justin Jeanette, Northern Valley Patriots                               2
2.  Tyler Mornhineway, Overpeck Creek Monsters                   2
2. Lloyd Padmore, Hudson Cliff Hawks                                       2

1.  Eriq Colon, Hudson Cliff Hawks                                             25
2.  Justin Jeanette, Northern Valley Patriots                              20
3.  Joe Maugeri, Randolph Chiefs                                                18
3.  Sonny Ulliana, Pascack Valley Cats                                        18

BATTING LEADERS (min 54 abs)
1.  Kengo Kewahara, Pascack Valley Cats                                 .470
2.  Ryan Rivera, Northern Valley Patriots                                  .444
3.  Eriq Colon, Hudson Cliff Hawks                                             .425

1.  Anthony Rosoline, Randolph Chiefs                                     5
2.  Alex Busby, Randolph Chiefs                                                 4
2.  Sal Careri, Hudson Cliff Hawks                                              4

1.  Conlan Farrell, Randolph Chiefs                                            1.85
2.  Anthony Rosoline, Randolph Chiefs                                      1.89
3.  Sal Careri, Hudson Cliff Hawks                                               2.08

1.  Dan Belfer, Pascack Valley Cats                                             48
2.  Chris Babb, Overpeck Creek Monsters                                 47
3.  Alex Busby, Randolph Chiefs                                                  43


The MCBL’s inaugural season is now in the book!

On Monday August 1st at 9:24 pm, the Randolph Chiefs defeated the Pascack Valley Cats to capture the MCBL's first Championship and officially, marking the end of the 2016 MCBL season; the dream has become a reality!  But, this journey began 52 weeks earlier, with the vision of a new Collegiate Baseball League serving our metropolitan area ballplayers.  With our six inaugural teams, we placed 142 players representing 80 different colleges and universities, as local as Bergen Community College, and as far as Tulane University in Louisiana.  The first All Star game was played at the Palisades Credit Union Ballpark on a crystal clear July day and was a tremendous success.  All of this was made possible because of the belief, the outstanding effort and the commitment from our players, coaches and administrators.

A special thanks to the many Collegiate Coaches who believed in the MCBL and had the confidence to place their athletes in our League.

To the many people behind the scenes who made the inaugural season so special and rewarding – WE THANK YOU !

2016 MCBL Season - Season One