MCBL Players

MCBL Players looking to be placed on a fall team will need to do the following:

  • Players register via the portal (Link: Fall Player Registration) .
  • Player must pay the registration fee of $350.  Payment locks up roster spot.
  • Pitchers only and regular players pay the same fee.  Each player expected not to miss practices or games.
  • Max of four viable teams will be made.  So roster spots will be at a premium.

Registered Teams

MCBL Welcomes the following teams to the MCBL Fall League:

  • Mahwah Blacksox - Coach:  Jake Handler.
  • Mahwah Maroons - Coach:  Corey Feigenbaum.
  • LB Dogs - Coach:  Garrett Luna
  • LB Dawgs - Coach:  Sean Kelly
  • ​Bulldogs - Coach:  Brandon Wreckler
  • ​CGI Monsoons - Coach:  Dan Mondelli
  • ​Spirit Baseball - Coach:  Mario Lugones
  • Rockland Pirates Gold -  Coach:  Ivan Rodriguez
  • ​Rockland Pirates Black -  Coach: Stephen Greeley
  • ​MCBL Eagles - Coach:  Wilfredo Kiki DelValle

2020 MCBL Fall Complete Schedule -  click on this link.

FALL BALL is here!  Here are the specifics for the league:

  • 14 games - 7 innings in length
  • Saturday doubleheaders from Sept. 12th through Oct. 31st
  • Sunday are rain dates
  • Online results and standings
  • Collegiate level umpires
  • Games played in North Jersey area (planned)
  • Teams will consist of MCBL Teams, and franchises (limited number of teams)
  • ​Teams will be able to practice during the week


2020 MCBL Fall Ball  STANDINGS


Due to potential field shortages during the fall we will be limiting the venue to eight franchises.   If teams can procure their own home field, we may be able to expand the field.   Franchises will be responsible for the following:

  • Registering the team via the portal (LinkFall Team Registration)
  • Paying the MCBL Franchise Fee.   Payment necessary to lock up league spot.  
  • Have your players register via the portal (Link: Fall Player Registration) . When player registering, ensure they enter the team name you registered in to the league.
  • Provide Home Field.  If none provided, each home game will incur a field charge - price TBD. 
  • Provide Insurance (we can provide at about $200/team).
  • ​Must purchase league baseballs - approximate cost of $408  (8 dz at $51/dz). 
  • ​Provide Team T-shirts - must say MCBL FALL BALL.
  • ​Pay for home game umpires.  Each game will be 2 man crew at $160/game.